Are you and your partner feeling disconnected? Stuck? Distant?

These are words I often here when couples come to my office, but they don’t often stick around for long.  Having an outside, objective perspective to help couples have a discussion can be a relationship game changer.  Imagine not having those same old arguments, not feeling constant tension, and getting back to how you felt about each when the relationship was starting out.

This is absolutely possible!  Couples therapy offers you a safe, structured environment to sort through the underlying causes of your disconnect.  In our sessions we will explore the history of your relationship, identify current patterns, and develop and work towards goals both partners agree upon.

Relationships are important.  People are very social beings, herd/pack animals if you will.  So if relationships are suffering, most likely our overall functioning and well-being are suffering as well.  Don’t let your relationship get to the point of no return, and break the cycle of suffering!  Call me today and I will get you on the path towards the relationship you have been dreaming of.