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The Don’ts of Summer

What to do with these kiddos for the rest of summer… So now that we’re several weeks in, the newness of sleeping in/lack of school induced schedule is beginning to wear off.  And with that comes the “I’m bored”, constant nit-picking and fights, etc.  Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones with children perfectly content […]

Screen Time and Summer Time

Ah, the much debated screen time.  This has been discussed in a variety of forms for years.  Psychologically speaking, the consensus is that it is terrible, especially the younger your children are.  All kinds of studies are out there pointing out all the terrible things screens do to our little ones’ developing brains.  And yet, […]

And now I write..

So here I am.. doing something very out of my comfort zone.  I like to remind myself to practice what I preach.. and one is to try new things, get out of the comfort zone once in a while.  Another is that writing helps us process and understand things.  So I feel like this whole […]